Course Feedback

Did the course meet your expectations?:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Quality of Instructor:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Quality of training materials:4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)
Quality of equipment:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)
Quality of facilities:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)

The above star rating is updated from feedback forms received after each course

Feedback is very important, so here is what past attendees have said:
(Published with permission)

I thought the session was delivered in a friendly, factual way with really good demos and down to earth advice. It’s great to have the opportunity to learn enough to potentially help save lives
Christina Pither

I think they struck a good balance between giving explanations, watching videos, demonstrations and giving us the opportunity to practice ourselves.‐ They gave us plenty of opportunities to ask questions ‐ They made the session fun as well as extremely useful
Esther Clements

Thought this was an excellent learning session. Did not realise the good work they do. I found the whole course very informative and for me would not change it
Julie Eager

Really good and worthwhile session. No complaints, it should be mandatory for all staff
Chris Dye

It was all very informative and delivered well. A good mix of talk, visuals and practical application. I am really glad that I attended
Jill Webster

It was really good and interesting. Thoroughly enjoyed it
Lorraine Bridges

I thought it really went well. To get an idea from the video of how it’s all done in an actual emergency scenario was particularly good
Harriet Herman

The instructors had their audience engaged. Both instructors were enthusiastic during the whole sessions and worked well together. It was great to see a live clip of someone having a heart attack and then cardiac arrest
FTAS Nurses

I thought it was really good! I really liked having the opportunity to learn something that I probably wouldn’t have done outside of work and off my own back. The session was really interesting and informative and I like that there was discussion, videos and the chance to be hands on and try out what we had learnt
Cara Smith

Really informative and fun
Andrea Cavaciuti

An excellent training session – please pass on my thanks once again. Would be good if everyone undertook the training at some time as so valuable
Jane Worman

I felt the whole event was very good. The two responders were obviously very experienced and knowledgeable which was useful in answering a lot of the questions people had
Pat Jepp

I thought it was a very worthwhile course to attend, and it made engaging by the 2 CFR representative, they were engaging and explained everything in simple terms. I would recommend other colleagues to attend
Kelly Southworth

I thought the sessions were based at a good level of understanding and enjoyed the interactive activities
Jeni Andrews

Thank you for organising the CPR sessions and to the presenters! Personally I thought the session was pitched just right with some straightforward techniques that I hope I will remember (if I ever need to action them!) The atmosphere was really friendly and supportive of any questions and we had plenty of opportunity to ‘have a go’. I feel much more confident now as to what I could do to help…and the mystery of the contents of the defibrillator box has been revealed!
Simon Rawley

Very informative and I learned a great deal – even just the basics (coming from a place where I knew absolutely nothing). Good ‘trainers’ – kept us engaged
Feel more confident I would know what to do
Bettina Connell

This course was brilliant. So informative and the First Responders were really nice people
Jenny Vincent

All of it! The session was entertaining and engaging as well as being very informative. I feel I learnt a lot
Emma Evans

The course was so good everything was very good
Petrula Pepe

I thought the course was fantastic, it was really interactive which I
though was great, they had a little bit of everything, gritty stories, videos, humour, music and practical exercise
Amy Aston

The entire session was brilliant – really brought to life The fact that CPR is something you are most likely to ever use (if you ever do need to use it) on someone you know or who is close to you. Very memorable information that I feel confident to use. Great to hear about First Responders too – for ever grateful for all that they do now that I’m more aware of them and their service
Nicola Anderson

I thought it was a brilliant course – perfect amount of time and an essential skills course. Really good to have a reminder of CPR
Lucy Halford

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