Public Access Defibrillators

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA)
SCA occurs suddenly and often without any warning. It is the result of an electrical malfunction in the heard that causes and irregular heartbeat (arrythmia). This disrupts the pumping action of the heart, and therefore blood is not being pumped around the body and getting oxygen to vital organs such as the brain. Within a very short space of time, the person will lose conciousness and will not have a pulse.

Death occurs within minutes if the casualty does not receive treatment –
a shock from a defibrillator

SCA can affect anyone at any time.

12 young people in the UK each week lose their lives to Sudden Cardiac Arrest

80% of the above suffer no symptons that pre-warn them

Early intervention by bystander, even those with little training that are willing to get involved anyway, improve the chance of a successful outcome

What is a defibrillator?
A defibrillator, also known as an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a potentially lifesaving piece of electronic kit. In Public Access scenarios, the defibrillators are designed to allow anyone to use them, whether or not they have any previous experience or training. The AED will if appropriate deliver an electrical shock to the heart in an attempt to get the heart beating in a rhythm that is compatible with life.

Interested in learning basic life saving skills?
Alongside our frontline emergency response to 999 calls, we run FREE awareness sessions in association with the British Heart Foundation, in how to deliver CPR, use an AED and how to place a casualty into the recovery position. For more information or to register interest in one of these sessions, please click here

How can you help getting Public Access Defibrillators into the Crowborough Area
These units cost an average of £1,200 depending on the exact specification required at the location. As a charity we rely entirely on donations to fund these units, and therefore why not make a one-off donation towards one (no matter how small your donation), make a regular monthly donation by Direct Debit, organise your own fundraising event or perhaps pledge to leave money towards one in your will.

A list of current locations in the Crowborough area can be found by clicking here


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