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Community First Responders often volunteer unseen in the community, unless of course it is someone’s time of need, and they or their vehicles are seen attending an emergency 999 call.

We do not have a place you can come in and talk to us (apart from temporary public engagement events), but we do like to share all our news with you via this website and our social media channels. Using the menu above, you can sign up to our monthly newsletter or view and follow our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram feeds.

There are many schemes serving their communities across the UK but we are proud to be one of the most followed schemes on social media, with over 1,700 people using social media to engage with us.

Occasionally we will broadcast live from public engagement events onto our social media channels, so do look out of these, or better still do come and meet some of the team.

Rest assured though, that we fully respect patient confidentiality, and whilst we do not post any information that could lead to identifying a patient, we do sometimes get messages of thanks on our social media that we have to remove for this reason. We do though love to hear from patients we have attended, as often the contact is lost once handed over into the care of colleagues or other medical professionals. Many of our team have had the experience of being reunited with someone that they have successfully resuscitated from a cardiac arrest, and we cannot underestimate how encouraging this can be for everyone involved in the scheme.

We love to hear from you, so please do get in touch, especially if you have been attended to by the team and would like to send a message to the CFR(s), or if you have a question about how we serve the community or how you can be involved in roles other than frontline responding.

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