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SECAmb provide groups with 2 complete CFR kits to get the schemes underway. Each of these kits cost around £1,800 per CFR. Once a CFR is setup with a kit, the contents are then replensihed by SECAmb at no further cost to the the scheme. Training equipment for our own in-house refresher sessions is also purchased at the scheme’s own expense.

Regular monthly donations can be made via Direct Debit, using the link below:


One off donations can be made using the link below:

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Online donations using the above link will be made via PayPal Giving Fund. Donations via this route ensure we receive 100% of your donation, as we are not charged any transaction fees.
(You do not need a PayPal account in order to make a donation)

Without donations, we are unable to deliver our services into the community.

The charity, its administration and services are all provided on a purely voluntary basis, with no-one receiving remuneration for their time or work.

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